Our Cabins and Camper include kitchens, televisions,  furniture.

We also include pots, pans, dishes , silverware

We also furnish Microwave Oven and a coffee maker in every cabin

Cabins have two bedrooms.  The bedrooms have either 2 queen size beds or one queen and one full size bed.

What to bring:

Bring along a variety of clothing.  You never know, you might be wearing a sweatshirt in the morning or evening…..

or it might be short and tank top weather ………in the middle of the day.

We suggest that you bring your own bed linens, towels, wash cloths (and that sort of thing).

Cabins 1, 4 and 5  have 2 queen size beds…………Cabins 2 and 3 have one queen size and one double bed

If you happen to forget bed linens we have freshlycleaned sets for rent.

Food (ah, yes, a vary important item). Bring along all your favorites.  You can cook in your cabin, over a charcoal fire or we have a community gas Bar-B-Q  Grille.

At various times of the season (between Memorial day and October 31st) we have various assorted two winged “friends” that like to buzz around and annoy us, so you might want to bring along some OFF.